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Why did I choose Publii

Michael Tkhorev
Michael Tkhorev Publii

All my websites hosted on the main hosting got hacked. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere, maybe it's the hosting provider, or it could be Wordpress or Drupal (or one of the modules installed on them).

I am tired.

I'm not serious about websites; it's just a hobby, so why do I need all these problems? I'm switching to static websites. Not for experimentation like before (although for experimentation too), but from a practical point of view.

This time, I immediately disabled the PHP interpreter. Databases, of course, too. How to hack this?
Alright, if there's a vulnerability with the hosting provider, nothing will save my site - it can be hacked. But why? In the vast majority of cases, hacking is an attempt to use other people's resources for spamming, DDoS attacks, and other actions. And for these actions, the ability to execute scripts is needed. That's what PHP was for.

But they still hack to replace the page with their own. Yes, this happened to me about 12-13 years ago. Some radicals replaced the main page of my blog with their calls. But it will automatically revert to the original content with the first update of the SSG. It will happen on its own. I won't have to do anything.

After watching reviews, I chose Publii static site generator. It's free, easy to install, has a user-friendly admin panel, and several simple themes. It includes the option to backup all data. Everything is managed with a mouse, not by typing complex commands in the console. There's also a one-click deployment of the site. Additionally, on the hosting, a version file appears, and during the next deployment, it only uploads new or updated files.

I have doubts about how servers will perform with a large number of files instead of a database. I'm also unsure how Publii itself will handle the growth of my blog. However, this can only be tested over time. Although I plan to occasionally try other SSGs, for now, I will stick with Publii.

I forgot to mention about the speed. The page loading speed simply cannot be faster.