Change block titles in Publii

Publii - how to change block titles

Michael Tkhorev
Michael Tkhorev Publii

The Technews theme (v. has an option to show the "Authors" block in the sitebar. But what if there is only one author, as in my case? There are no other authors on this blog, and never will be. It would be more correct to title this block "Author", in the singular. Same thing with the "Follow us" block. I am not a programmer or a web developer, so my way of solving a problem may seem primitive and even stupid, but for lack of a better one, I will share what I did.

I opened the theme folder:


Found a file there:


And in it I changed this:

"follow": "Follow us",
"authors": "Authors",

On this:

"follow": "Follow me",
"authors": "Me",

I was too lazy to read the instructions, but as far as I understood, technically I translated the lines. But no one will scold me for the fact that the language has remained the same, only the words have changed.