Checking YouTube monetization by viewing the HTML code of the channel page.

How to check monetization on someone else's YouTube channel

Michael Tkhorev
Michael Tkhorev YouTube

This may be necessary to determine whether it's worth starting a YouTube channel with a similar theme for advertising revenue. By checking several top competitors, you can discover that even with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, monetization may be disabled on their channels.

It's better to find out about this in advance.

Check several prominent channels in the chosen niche using this method.

1. Visit the channel - it works for me on any channel tabs and on the video page.

2. Press the CTRL+U key combination - a window with the source code will open.

3. Press CTRL+F to open the search on the page, and then type in:


4. Find the line:


5. If the value is "true", monetization is enabled. If the value is "false", it's not enabled.

A. - If I see ads in the videos, does it mean the channel is monetized?
Q. - No. YouTube can monetize videos on channels even if the channel's monetization is turned off, without sharing the revenue with the channel owner.