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Glassmorphism, Neumorphism, and Claymorphism by CSS.

Michael Tkhorev
Michael Tkhorev HTML/CSS

I'll write it down here so that I don't forget, as I'm sure I'll need it again later.

Glassmorphism CSS Generator

This service generates CSS code for Glassmorphism or blur effects:

Glassmorphism CSS Generator cover image

Only the outer margins are missing there, so I'm adding them to the resulting code by myself:

padding: 20px;

Neumorphism CSS Generator

The service from the same Also free (at the time of writing).
Neumorphism is the blurring, angle, and shadow intensity of an object for its highlighting.
In short, it can be very beautiful if done well. For questions about padding, see above.

Neumorphism CSS Generator cover image


I haven't tried it myself, but it's clearly a useful tool, and it's located on the same website.

Claymorphism CSS Generator cover image

Smart WebP, PNG and JPEG compression

A service that effectively compresses images for the web. Search engines love optimized pages, and people do too.

The service is on a separate domain, but it's created by the same developers. The website also offers a vast list of plugins/modules for integration with content management systems (CMS).