Frank Abagnale Jr. - Catch Me If You Can book cover

Frank Abagnale Jr. - Catch Me If You Can

Michael Tkhorev
Michael Tkhorev Books

I was extremely fascinated by tracing the main character's thought process. There were times when I wanted to say, "Frank, stop already, that's enough". He's incredibly unstoppable in his criminal endeavors. And it was absolutely clear from the very beginning that Abagnale is brilliant, charming, and charismatic. I read and thought, "Why, oh why, didn't you choose something else? You would have achieved outstanding success anywhere." My suspicions were confirmed - Frank truly achieved everything only after he "redeemed himself" in society's eyes. Perhaps if Frank were one of those millionaires without a criminal past, whose biographies I read, this story wouldn't have stirred me so much... Well, here you can find confirmation of the notion that every person contains everything within them – virtues and vices are intertwined.