Avidemux interface screenshot


Several years ago, I used a program for video trimming without any loss of quality, but unfortunately, I forgot its name over time. Recently, I found myself in a situation where I needed such software again, but I couldn't recall the exact program I used before.

The task was simple: I had long and heavy video files, but only a few seconds of each video were valuable. I needed to cut out those segments, save them, and eventually compile them into one large video when I accumulated enough clips. However, this process could take weeks or even months, and storing terabytes of data for just a few seconds seemed impractical.

If you think any video editor would do for this purpose, you'd be mistaken. The vast majority of them introduce noticeable processing to the output file.

It took quite some time to rediscover the program, and it's called Avidemux.

Avidemux has a simple interface, it's free, works on multiple platforms, and has an open-source code.